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Why BUY a home in Cayman?

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on foreign ownership or development in Cayman, making it a tremendous environment in which to conduct real estate business.

Buying a home in Cayman is very easy. With it’s modern structure and NO RESTRICTIONS on foreign ownership the Caymans Islands has an abundant of homes, condo’s or investment type properties whether on the beach or not to choose from. With it’s year round warm weather and it’s very stable economy Cayman offers you first class choice.

Here’s other reasons why the Cayman Islands is the perfect choice;

  • No local taxes – there is no income tax, inheritance tax, non-residents tax, capital gains tax or other similar taxes in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands charge only a one time stamp duty when purchasing property. There is no restriction on the foreign ownership as far as the real estate in Cayman is concerned. This has improved the position of Cayman real estate in the international real estate exchange. The interest of the tourists and investors is increasing in Cayman as the future potential of Cayman real estate for sale is going to become very profitable.
  • Stability and security – the Cayman Islands have a stable government, sophisticated infrastructure and a strong economy based on international banking and tourism.
  • British Territory – operating British Common Law.
  • Investment freedom – NO RESTRICTIONS on investment purchases.
  • Comprehensive investment services and opportunities
    Foreign developers have the ability to use an array of very qualified construction companies, trades men, architects with extensive knowledge of the Caribbean construction market and in most case these companies are sub-contracted out to foreign developers whom wish to develop here in Cayman.

This is why buying a home in the Cayman Islands presents such an incredible opportunity or whether it’s for development or for you to build that dream home you’ve always wanted in the caribbean.

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