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4 Bedroom Brac Home for Sale

  • Listing type: For Sale
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 3
  • Property type: House, Residential

Property Description

Own your own retirement home in the Brac along with your own Private Cave, a private beach across the street sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea .

The house is located on 1 acre of land and has a path to the back of the land which leads to a private cave on the property. In 2014 the house was valued at $260,000.00, lots of equity in the property.

Cayman Brac offers a simple, safe and relaxing lifestyle. Cayman Brac has a lots of small store, small shopping center, airport and a car rental. Cayman Brac is a very serene and tranquil island. Brac is Gaelic name for a bluff or cliff, and Cayman Brac offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Caribbean. It is a very unique island with a high elevation, bluff with lots of caves to explore. Hosting a population of approximately 3,000 residents, “The Brac” combines a developed infrastructure of Grand Cayman with the relaxation and solitude of Cayman Brac.

The clear calm waters that surround the 12-mile island host a pristine reef that offers great visibility and a profusion of sea life. Snorkelers and divers enjoy the reefs near shore or from one of the boats operated by the many dive operators servicing Cayman Brac.  Cayman Brac is also well known for its bird life. Mangrove areas provide the ideal environment for wetland birds. Inland birds include parrots, king birds and flycatchers; as well as many blue iguanas, which can be observed along the trails, nature walks and preserves around Cayman Brac.

At 12 miles long by 2 miles wide, Cayman Brac is the second largest of the Cayman Islands. Adding to the beauty of Cayman Brac is a sheer limestone bluff or cliff running the entire western side of the Island and setting it apart from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Cayman Brac’s bluffs rise 140ft above sea level. Cayman Brac is known for its warm temperament and fulfills every eco-tourist’s wildest dreams. With the Bluff creating an astonishing display of animation, a paradise for rock climbers; as well as the incomparable caves.

Cayman Brac has become a landmark unto itself, owing to the marvellous natural and intricate creations of the Bluffs. Cayman Brac boasts a well-established and technologically advanced infrastructure which include many amenities not so readily available on other small islands. Cayman Brac has dependable power and water plants, a well-equipped infirmary, dental and eye clinics; an international airport; one high school; a depository library and a luxurious spa’s situated directly on the beach.

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Sherry Ann Smith

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